Superannuation – SMSF

A SMSF, also commonly known as a DIY super fund, is a specific type of superannuation fund designed for people looking for greater choice and control over their own retirement savings. They are intended primarily for family members or close business associates where a trust is created which holds assets on behalf of its members for use in retirement.

Key Accountants are SMSF audit specialists offering fast, affordable auditing and advice services Australia wide. We offer;

- Establishment of your new SMSF including all relevant government registrations

- Annual Audit services to ensure you continue to comply with the SISA requirements

- Ongoing tax advice , as required, in relation to your fund and its potential investments you wish to undertake

- SMSF tax return preparation services

► True Independence

► A professional and friendly service

► Competitive fee structure

► Fast turnaround.

If you want an experiences and reliable auditing firm you can trust, contact us today.

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Key Accountants have been true to the trust placed in us, we lend a hand to our clients to identify what their future goals, needs and objectives are and work with them using a disciplined and prudent approach.

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