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Our Purpose
Our purpose is to provide affordable financial advice with flexible, practical & effective solutions for our clients.

Our Vision
The long term strategy of the business is to encourage more people to actively learn how to control money and debt and to understand how to invest wisely. With the power of knowledge, our clients can take responsibility for their income, superannuation, wealth creation and lifestyle.

Our Approach
Our approach is centred on Goals Based Advice.
To be true to the trust placed in us, we lend a hand to our clients to identify what their future goals, needs and objectives are and work with them using a disciplined and prudent approach. We take our role in maintaining and maximising our clients' wealth very seriously and we believe in three key elements that are fundamental to this approach:

► Quality - the advice we provide by must be of the highest order
► Value – add value to enhance your financial position whilst ensuring our fees are reasonable
► Convenience – to make all communications easy and uncomplicated

Our Advisers
Key Accountants is privately owned. We are driven by solutions rather than products. Our structure gives us freedom, setting us apart from many other advisory businesses. Our highly experienced and well qualified senior wealth advisors will provide you with professional, strategic and holistic advice to help you achieve your lifestyle and financial goals.

Our Valued Client Relationships
The Law requires us to act in our clients “Best Interests” so we deliver the type of service we would like ourselves: outstanding and attentive to your goals & objectives.

By working with you, we look to deliver solutions to meet your requirements and fulfil your aspirations. We’re not about smoke and mirrors, overnight successes or creating expectations that we cannot meet. We use an evidence based approach, tell it as it is and use objective and extensive research.

Our Clients
Our clients are respected members of the community who understand the value associated with seeking out high quality professional advice. Whether it's acting as a sounding-board, coach or mentor, we provide a range of advice and services to suit everyone.

Our new clients are often the referred close friends, colleagues, peers and family members of our loyal and long standing existing clients.

Our Client Process
All initial meetings are at no cost to you and are without obligation. Our initial meeting will help us explore your potential alignment and suitability with our advice and service offers. Following our initial meeting, we'll outline the costs of our advice before we proceed any further with you.

We have an open and transparent advice process and act under a fee-for-service model that is commensurate with the time, nature and complexity of the advice provided to you.


Partnerships are built on trust and delivering on promises – every time. The longevity of our client relationships and our high levels of client retention and satisfaction are testament to our reputation and integrity. We act on your terms, not ours.

Our Services
► Self-Managed Superannuation
► Retirement Planning
► Portfolio Management
► Estate & Succession Planning
► Superannuation Advice
► Personal & Business Risk Insurance

Third parties
We choose our business partners very carefully and look to work with quality firms to provide effective and robust outcomes for our clients. We draw on the considerable expertise from a wide variety of external sources to develop and implement strategies that will meet your individual circumstances and long-term goals.

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Key Accountants have been true to the trust placed in us, we lend a hand to our clients to identify what their future goals, needs and objectives are and work with them using a disciplined and prudent approach.

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